Lately, I’ve been working with my counselors in the Primary Presidency of our local ward / congregation at Church to find a solution to the words and phrases of the scriptures:

expedient that the church meet together often, D&C 20:75 (20:55–75).

when ye are assembled together, D&C 43:8.

go to the house of prayer … upon my holy day, D&C 59:9 (59:9–13).

-AND- then, trying to abide by the 12th Article of Faith which states: We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.

Today, is my Sabbath day. It’s the day by which all other things in my life are prepared and pondered and adjusted for that week and as I assess my previous week and look forward to the next, I take count of my blessings.

I take count of my blessings. My sorrows, my joys, my improvements, my shortfalls.

-AND- then, trying to abide by the Prophet’s words:

April 2018 – President Russell M. Nelson, “The Prophet Joseph Smith set a pattern for us to follow in resolving our questions. Drawn to the promise of James that if we lack wisdom we may ask of God,8 the boy Joseph took his question directly to Heavenly Father. He sought personal revelation, and his seeking opened this last dispensation.

In like manner, what will your seeking open for you? What wisdom do you lack? What do you feel an urgent need to know or understand? Follow the example of the Prophet Joseph. Find a quiet place where you can regularly go. Humble yourself before God. Pour out your heart to your Heavenly Father. Turn to Him for answers and for comfort.

Pray in the name of Jesus Christ about your concerns, your fears, your weaknesses—yes, the very longings of your heart. And then listen! Write the thoughts that come to your mind. Record your feelings and follow through with actions that you are prompted to take. As you repeat this process day after day, month after month, year after year, you will “grow into the principle of revelation.” – Chapter 10: Prayer and Personal Revelation, Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith.

And I clung to the words of the Prophet that said, “I urge you to stretch beyond your current spiritual ability to receive personal revelation,” and I heard him. And I realized that likening the scriptures to my own life was actually looking into my life and making greater efforts to be a better human being.

And I searched scriptures and talks and found my way to living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I understand what Elder Yoon Hwan Choi of the Seventy meant when he said, “my father taught me that the gospel had been restored and it is perfect but members are not yet, neither himself nor me. He firmly said, “Do not lose your faith because of the people around you, but build a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. Don’t look around, look up!”

Look up to Jesus Christ—the wise advice of my father—strengthens my faith whenever I face challenges in life. He taught me how to apply the teachings of Christ, as in these words: “Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.” –

Doctrine and Covenants 6:21,36
Doctrine and Covenants

21 Behold, I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I am the same that came unto mine own, and mine own received me not. I am the light which shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not.

36 Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.


Be of good cheer my friends & happy reading!



Annalisa Hall is the author of SHEPPARD’S LAST LAMB, illustrated by Alex Worthen, published October 11th 2016 by Bonneville / Cedar Fort Inc.

What does it take to be a good shepherd? Dress in the shepherd’s costume, act like the good shepherd, or finding sheep?

SHEPPARD’S LAST LAMB is about joy. Sheppard isn’t pleased he’s the SHEPHERD for the Christmas nativity performance, but he knows shepherds were special witnesses of Jesus Christ. He is given a toy lamb, he finds many more until his flock is whole, and this story teaches how the Good Shepherd is helpful, important, and kind. A lesson for children and adults alike to remember that we’re not whole until each one has been found, even the last lamb.

SHEPPARD’S LAST LAMB inspires children to embrace courage, kindness, and charity. Follow Christ like sheep follow their shepherd. Find and seek those weary and lost friends who need us.

THEMES Include: Christmas, Charity, Love, Self-Esteem, Tolerance, Problem Solving, Embracing and Accepting Yourself, Authenticity, Diversity, Easter, Jesus Christ, Atonement, Savior, Lamb of God, Lamb and the Lion, Zion

Also, lends for discussion about Jesus Christ, shepherds, sheep and lambs, Missionary Work, Search and Rescue, Hide and Seek

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