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Help your little ones recognize the joy, responsibility, and importance of being baptized. I Want to Be Baptized from the same author and illustrator who brought you The Holy Ghost Is like a Blanket depicts what baptism really means for children’s lives.

I WANT TO BE BAPTIZED is the prequel to THE HOLY GHOST IS LIKE A BLANKET and can help your loved ones be comforted by their promises and pathway toward eternal life. With illustrations by COREY EGBERT, this book delights the mind and soul.

Annalisa Hall was born to Alvin and Judy Holgerson, while her father worked at General Motors in Detroit. She was raised in her parent’s religion, and baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on her 8th birthday. She currently lives in Poway, CA, with her husband and their children.

BOOK REVIEW:: Aug 06, 2017 (3 Stars by J. Strong) Bookshelves: 2017children-sreligious-lds “This book explains to children in simple terms why baptism is important. While I like the overall points made as to why baptism is important and why we should be baptized, but I felt the explanations were a little long. In the back of the book there are references for each reason. I wish these had been included at the bottom of each page to give the explanations more weight.”

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