Sheppard’s Last Lamb

Sheppard, because of his name, ends up playing the less-than-glamorous role of the shepherd in his class’s Christmas pageant.

12 little lambs are found as Sheppard problem solves his way through shepherding his role as a good steward of his part in the Christmas pageant.

Easter Sunday approaches and this book would be a delightful additional to your household and book shelf.

Sheppard Hill wants to be a wise man or an innkeeper in the Christmas pageant, but instead he gets stuck as a boring shepherd-all because of his name! What’s even worse, he’s stuck helping his younger sisters too. But when he begins to think of Christ, can he turn this terrible turn of events into the best Christmas pageant ever?

“The Shepherd and the Lost Sheep” by Margo Mae (ARTICLE)

From Matthew 18:12–14 and Luke 15:3–7.

“Jesus taught people by telling them stories. …One day one of the sheep got lost. …When he finally found his sheep, the shepherd rejoiced. He put the sheep on his shoulders and carried it home. The shepherd called his friends together and told them how he had found his sheep. They celebrated together. [like Easter Sunday and Christmas Pageant celebrations] …”Jesus Christ is like the shepherd in the story, and we are like the sheep. Jesus watches over us and helps protect us from danger. …That is why the scriptures call Him the Good Shepherd.” Illustrations were by David Habben

Celebrate the Good Shepherd with SHEPPARD’S LAST LAMB by Annalisa Hall, illustrated by Alex Worthen

What does it take to be a good shepherd? Dress in the shepherd’s costume, act like the good shepherd, or finding sheep?

SHEPPARD’S LAST LAMB is about joy. Sheppard isn’t pleased he’s the SHEPHERD for the Christmas nativity performance, but he knows shepherds were special witnesses of Jesus Christ. He is given a toy lamb, he finds many more until his flock is whole, and this story teaches how the Good Shepherd is helpful, important, and kind. A lesson for children and adults alike to remember that we’re not whole until each one has been found, even the last lamb.

SHEPPARD’S LAST LAMB inspires children to embrace courage, kindness, and charity. Follow Christ like sheep follow their shepherd. Find and seek those weary and lost friends who need us.

THEMES Include: Christmas, Charity, Love, Self-Esteem, Tolerance, Problem Solving, Embracing and Accepting Yourself, Authenticity, Diversity

Also, lends for discussion about Jesus Christ, shepherds, sheep and lambs, Missionary Work, Search and Rescue, Hide and Seek

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