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About a week before his 7th birthday, my son asked for a very specific style cake. I fretted and worried about how to make the cake he wanted within our budget. So the journey began…I opted to do cupcakes. I bought a pineapple. I did buy fancy candles to match the underwater jelly fish theme. I followed the Spirit and bought a few things and then laid them out on the kitchen counter and fretted some more. For hours, I baked, I carved, I decorated, I was inspired and I cried in hopes it would turn out.

His brother kept saying ‘Wow’ and his friends said ‘Wow’ and I was pretty proud that I had pulled something off that was slightly impressive for 3 hrs of work. When it was L’s turn, he knew it wasn’t what he’d asked for. Disheartening was the fact that I knew it wasn’t exactly what he’d wanted, but it was still amazing. Even at 7 yrs old, he knew that I’d spent a lot of time in the kitchen that day. He knew I had tried my best. I had presented something I hoped he’d appreciate because I’ve got my own set of handicaps and struggles about following directions and asking questions. Regardless of my deficiencies, He smiled up at me.

Placing his hand on my shoulder as I sat on the couch in exhaustion, he said; “Its not about the greatness. Its about your love.” and he gave me a hug.

He recognized and reminded me that I’d put a lot of LOVE into making it. That was good enough! I needed to remember that it wasn’t about me, it was about him. It was about following the Spirit and making something for him within my abilities (although I was stretched at times and leaned on the Lord for help). It was about showing my love for my son and making him smile on his 7th birthday. It was about LOVE.

Your efforts are appreciated. Your love is more great than cupcakes 🙂 Loves!!

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